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About Us

Where Single Parents, Step Parents, & Blended Families are
Online Sharing Support, Educating and Having Fun!

Welcome to our Single Parents Network community! Named as 'Single Family Voices.

For Families Who Have Been Touched By Single Parenting!

Our name was created so to include all single parents, step parents and blended parenting and is opened to dads, moms, custodial parents, non custodial parents, grandparents, adult children, teens of divorced parents, really just anyone effected by single parenting.

All of Single Parents Network and its resources were, are and always will be the creation by single parents and what we need to make healthy choices as we parent.

Settle in look around and breath easier as we all get to know each other

We have been around since the 90's.  We started on an AOL web page in 1996 that is allowed members to create and there were 5 of us that used AOL instant messaging. As time went on and we were 2000 we used many free software to connect us is sharing our issues, like webring [sold to yahoo, then abandoned by yahoo], we were at geocities [bought by yahoo, and turned to groups] and onelist [an e-mail discussion e-mail system, sold to yahoo and also turned into groups] and a few others communities, that too were sold to others and/or then gobbled up by yahoo. All that bouncing around or shutting down and they lost information, so I decided to buy software so we did not lose information and discussions and friendships. So in 1997 I put money aside and out of my pocket bought the best webware and software that I could find and started building the largest, oldest, stable single parent online community on the web. And well, here we are, over 75,ooo member strong in all areas of the network with about 30,000 members adding their voice to the discussions on parenting issues

I'm am/was not trying to invent something new, but to pull in all the resources for easier find, and share what worked, what didn't...  So If you have a webpage or single parent group and need a stable forum, just ask and I will share the resources here with you in one way or another. Link exchange, host an area so your webpage or group has/have a forum, or a place to add your articles ... so much more  - Im always looking for hosts, state forum admins, support staff etc...

As a community and family, we laugh, and cry with each other, we even become frustrated with each other and at times, stop chatting and well yea, sometime we have been know to date each other. And that too, turns out one way or another and well...  and its all here for posterity, so PLEASE use a screenname for security reasons.

As with all families, and yes, we seem to become family to each other, and with all families, we swallow our pride, give that hug and say Thank You, I guess I really needed that wake up call. Then, as all family stories go, we move on to the next chapter of our lives. Growing stronger... together.

So, Again Welcome & Membership is Free

... though, I can take donations, :) so when you like or when you can and/or find our educational support helpful, just drop me a dime or two to help...

for the most part, I finiacially pay for all of it out of my own pocket, and forgo some stuff to offer this to others ... I trully wish this was all here when I needed, so I hope this help you NOW, so you dont have to do as much suffering as I did.

Or you can just surf the site to get your feel and see if your questions have already been asked and/or answered.

We will always be here, so join ANYTIME.

As with most members, we all seem to be addicted to Single Family Voices and all that Single Parents Network offers.


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step parenting, blended parenting, is another focus in our single parents information area and community. We know that we don't always stay single, yet we do always stay as parents, so we have extended our community to offer information to those single parents that has taken the step and committed to adding another soul into their parenting homes, thus blending the family with a step parent situation. Step parenting is even harder if you do not have children and have stepped into a role as a surrogate parent, even though you may not have children, as a step parent you will have influence over another being as they grow into adulthood. If you already are a parent and have marrage another with children too, you will find new challenges that need to be addressed like getting all the children to get along, or differing parenting styles, and discipline. We here at Single Family Voices have a large community for the new challenges that come from blending, step and remarriages of parents, and we will be here for you.

As single parents doing the singleparent thing for all the single parenting club free members, we look out for single parent and single parents who are divorce or separating. Single family voice that you share with parenting or parents that are wither single mom, mothers maybe single fathers, dads, about custody or support, the chat forums allow you to discuss about topics in directory. Directories and children, or kids in one parent home in, about the world!